Streaming and offline data to live customer profile, codelessly

Whether it's for analytical or production
environment, a data expert can build,
amend and access super-rich profiles in a click
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Maximize value from your Enterprise data, with minimum investment

Let Data Harbor make sense of the ever-growing amounts of enterprise data, providing a singular, accessible analytical truth
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Our solutions for Real-Time, AI-powered data handling

Consolidate Enterprise data into a solid stream of valuable information to build up your business with

Enjoy a new, easy to maintain, seamlessly integrated solution that addresses the hyper-expanding obstacles in data science and data engineering, saving weeks of man hours at a time by automating profile building and updating, quickly moving to production, streaming and batch.


Customer data made easy

Data Harbor revolutionizes the way enterprises access their customers data
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Lending made Easy

Real-time Lending and financial customer journey management
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How it works

Connect & Collect
Our Builder will connect to all your data sources, and will collect multi-channel data automatically
Drag & Drop
With an easy and effortless UX, you can create thousands of customer characteristics and rich behavioural profile
Deploy the models you built into production environment
Analyze both real time and batch data
Who we are
A spin-off of the leading big-data analytics services company in Israel (GSTAT), Data Harbor’s technology encapsulates the know-how accomplished and the needs we saw in more than 700 projects in the areas of machine learning and predictive bigdata technologies.

What we promise

Increasing revenue & profitability
Best for small businesses.

Intall DataHarbor locally on your work computer.
Maximum utilization
Best for medium to large businesses.

Complete intallation on your own IT infrastructure.
Business unit Control
Best for small businesses, but good fit for all.

Complete SaaS package.
Manpower & Infrastructure savings
Best for small businesses, but good fit for all.

Complete SaaS package.
Our team
Innovation driven
We are software, algo and data science experts originated from GSTAT’s Innovation lab
Years of Experience
In developing models & solving real world data challenges
Of successful implementation
Implemented in the largest fintech and retail companies in Israel
In 30min we'll demonstrate how can you make your data science workflow seamless and save months of hard work
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